This section is devoted to showing different products or ways that will make your transition to tiny house living much more comfortable.

Air conditioning is a big question I get a lot. If you Google solar powered ac you will get a lot of links to way to many companies to list here. You can get everything from a solar powered refrigerator air whole house unit(for a large standard home) for about $8k to solar powered RV ac units for less then $1k. Most RV units will cool an entire standard cabin. Depending on your wants and needs. There is the possibility of buying a standard window unit and fitting it into the cabin window. However you will need a gas generator large enough to handle the wattage. Gas generators can only be ran during ours of 8am and 11pm.

Hot water is always a comfort we all like. There you have two options either get a propane powered point of use hot water heater like ZODI unit. Where you hook up a water supply to a small propane water heater and it only heats water while you use it. Turning it off after use. conserving hot water and propane. We used one for years. you have endless hot water as long as you have propane. You can make a passive solar water heater for little money. Instructions are quite easy to find on Google.

Heat is easily provided through propane heaters. If you use a wall mounted propane heater they cost about $300 and will heat the entire cabin. You can also build a solar heater fairly cheap. Easy to find instructions on Google. You can also go to and find all sorts of propane appliances and heaters. Good rule of thumb If it works for an RV it will work for the cabin.

Cooking appliances. I recommend you plan on getting a grill with a side burner. I do most of my cooking outside. This keeps the cabin cooler in the hot weather and I am outside most of the time anyway so easier to check. You cook everything from spaghetti, steaks, bake a chicken, boil corn, roast a turkey or even bake cookies all on an outdoor propane grill. For inside the house I recommend you use a table top camping stove and oven. It can be the fold and carry cheap kind to a bigger 2 burner stove with oven. Ovens are not created equal. Some are the size of a small toaster oven. while others are big enough for a whole chicken. You can get one of the larger ones locally at academy sports for $199. Well worth the money.

Refrigerators are little more tricky. You can run a small dorm sized frig off a solar array fairly easy. A standard frig is high wattage. So you can either get a propane refrigerator for anywhere from $800-1500 depending on how big you want to get.