Live.... Play..... Follow your path!

We are in the process of reconstructing this page. Please be patient if your having problems with our website.

 Now offering two ways to belong to the colony.

Become a MEMBER of the colony or RENT a cabin. MANY benefits to becoming a member over just renting a cabin.

Merry Meet

We are a Pagan based living colony, metaphysical and spiritual center. We are NOT a commune, think more gated community. Located in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley near El Paso Texas. Offering gorgeous mountain views and wonderful weather. Peaceful and tranquil environment not far off the interstate. Easy access in all weather.

We are a newly developed community and still growing. We will be adding meditation gardens, workshops, animal corrals, food gardens, community use kitchen and smoke house. 

There is a Ritual and meeting area being constructed . Private and discreet.  Can practice as you want with no fear of judgments.

We offer both memberships and cabins on a lease. Membership has some direct advantages. 

All cabins for residency. All cabins will have to be outfitted with solar/wind power and composting toilets. Water must be either hauled in or delivered. Cabins can be customized to suit your needs.

As we grow we will also be offering retreat cabins for weekend or weekly rental. Primitive camping is also available for a single night to 30 days.

Feel free to contact us via email, Facebook or give us a call. We love to share and make new friends. All questions are welcome.

We are here and waiting for you to come join us.