Currently we are Texas State Nonprofit approved and working on the Federal 501c3.

We are creating a Pagan only living colony and spiritual center in which people can come live a simplified tranquil country life. Grow your own food and raise your own animals. Becoming reconnected with Mother Earth and give back to her by caring for her lands and people in a loving and caring way. Become as self sustained as possible by the use of solar and wind power. Using composting toilets. Creating a judge free caring environment where people can follow their path the way they choose.

Our MOTTO is LIVE..... PLAY..... FOLLOW YOUR PATH........ Live here as a resident. Play here at the primitive camping and retreats. Follow your path at the metaphyshical center and 3 ritual areas.

We welcome most Pagan paths. Just ask.

We are also associated with Desert Rose Ranch and Sanctuary.  A nonprofit animal rescue and wolfdog sanctuary