We know you have questions. So please look through this page and see if the answer is here. Chances are others have been asking the same questions. This is a list of most asked questions and answers. We realize this may seem like a lot of questions but all of these questions have been asked my multiple people. SO please look through them all.

Are you a nonprofit? YES! We are currently Texas state approved and licensed as a nonprofit and currently working on getting our Federal 501c3. Yes you can still make donations and help us out. Just means you are not allowed to take the tax break. 

Are you a commune?  No. We are not a commune. Think more gated community. We operate on a lease. This way your rights as well as ours are protected. You know what your monthly lease payments are going to be every month. You also have rights under a lease you would not have in a commune. You can not be just removed because you make some upset or they don't feel you fit in or question what they are doing. We are a gated community to offer safety and a sense of security. All residents will have access to the gate locks to come and go as you please.

What's the closet grocery store, Wal-Mart or place to go shopping?   Fabens has the nearest grocery store about 20 mins away. El Paso is where you can find EVERYTHING else you need. Majority of jobs, shopping and other activities are there. El Paso is about 45-50 min drive straight down I-10. Speed limit is 80mph so you get there rather quickly.

Are you looking for staff members? No we are not hiring any staff. That's not the way the colony works. The colony works by having its members do the things we need to grow and maintain our colony. So I do not see any need for any staff in the future as well.

Can I barter either services or goods for the cost of the lease? No. the cabins are not for barter. While that would be a lovely idea it is not practical when it comes to making the mortgage and other bill payments. We need the leases to support the community.

Do I own my cabin? NO the cabins are for lease only not for sale.

Can I come and stay in a tent while I wait for my cabin?  We ONLY allow extended camping IF you have a lease already signed and are having to wait for the cabin to be delivered. We are NO LONGER allowing people to come and stay for a month or more in a tent without a signed lease.

Is there only one style of cabin? No there are a few. However while we can put you in any of the buildings we have access to just because they are the same price doesn't mean they wont be the same price. The cabin with the door on the side is $550 a month. The standard is $450 a month.

Can I get a wider building then 12ft? We have cabins that are wider then 12ft. We offer 14 and 16ft buildings as well. However they require a special delivery fee because they have to have a pilot car escort and special permits. So there is an additional delivery fee for them.

How much land comes with the cabin? The cabins are going to be set in a generalized location. Cabins wont be set side by side by any means. But there is no set yards. You will have the entire 135 acres to use.

Are there trees on the property? There is mesquite trees on the property. We are planning on planting at least 3 groves of trees. Shade trees ornamental tress and fruit trees.

Is the land just bare sand dunes?  NO!!!! the land is covered in brush and Mesquite trees. When it rains we get wild flowers and things are pretty green!

Why must I fill out an application? For safety of the colonist and our children ALL adults coming to live in the colony MUST have an approved application on file. NO ADULT will be allowed to live in the colony without a approved application. Anyone found lying on the application will be an automatic denial. No exceptions.

Can I come camp as a trial to see if I like it there? Any one is welcome to come camp. But no one is allowed by law to stay more then 30 days in one place or its considered residency. If you are sitting on the fence about moving here I would recommend getting your application in. Get that approved and that is good for 6 months. Then you can come down and camp for up to 30 days without having to sign a lease.  Once those 30 days are up you can decide if you want to sign a lease and stay or not and leave.

How long is my application good for? Once an application is approved you will have 6 months to decide to move to the colony. If after those 6 months you will have to fill out a new application and be reapproved.

I am approved am I obligated to sign a lease? No if once approved and you decided that moving to the colony wasn't for you that's fine. Just let us know. But at n time after the approval process are you to make lease payments until you actually sign the lease.

What is the process to join?  First you need to fill out an application. There is a $30 application fee to cover the cost of the background check. Every adult MUST have a back ground and sex offenders check. If you are not married but want to live together separate applications MUST be filed. Then once approved we send you a welcome packet and lease. You return the lease with the required payment. Once the lease is received it takes 2-3 weeks to get the cabins here, The cabins are custom built as we need them.

What's in the application? Its basic information so we get a better sense of who you are. We also run a back ground check, sex offenders registry check and reference check. We do not run a credit check. We want to make this colony as safe as possible. Where you can let your children play outside and not worry if they will be ok. Where woman can go to bed at night without fear. If you have been on a sex offenders list please just move on. You will not be approved.

Can I grow hemp on the property? No. Hemp is illegal in the state of Texas. No illegal crops, contraband or activity is allowed.

Is there a security deposit or deposit for pets? No. We require first and last months rent. We do not have a security deposit. There is no deposit for pets.

Can I have animals besides dogs or cats? Yes. If you want livestock or other farm animals such as horses, donkeys, chickens, mules, ducks and pretty much anything you want. ALL animals need to be approved to make sure there is adequate space.

Can I bring my dogs and cats? Yes. almost all pets are welcome. All animals must be up to date with shots and vet records. You will need to supply the office with verification of vet records. This is to protect your pet. If there is any type of problem we can prove the animal is up to date on shots.

Do I need to invest in the property? NO! The land is already ours. You do not to give us money to buy the land. You do not have to give extra money to make sure projects are completed. Unless you feel you wish to contribute to something you want done.

Are there rules for living on the property? Yes we have a set of bylaws that everyone including us must follow. There is a system in place if someone violates the bylaws as well. This is for your protection as well as ours. This way you can not just be removed from the property because you disagreed with someone. Everyone knows the rules up front and what the consequences are if those bylaws are broke. Bylaws will also be hanging in common areas and available at the office.

Can I have guests? Of course you can. This is your home. All we ask is that guests be registered at the office. Any guests staying more then over night you need to inform the office. This way we know who's on the property and whom they are visiting with. We want you to have fun. Have family and friends over.

Are the cabins furnished? NO. The cabins are bare. They are manufactured cabins custom built as we need them. They come bare walled. This allows you to design the inside of the cabin to suit your needs.

Can I build onto a cabin? Yes. You may build onto a cabin and make it bigger. But all improvements must be approved.

Are the cabins equipped with solar already.  No. We all have different power needs. Some more then others. Others a lot less. For that reason you will be required to purchase your own solar set up. I do have solar panels that will be put on the community building. I can loan those for short term use. A couple months or until they are needed for a project.

Is there water at the cabins? We are getting city water hooked up to the property. Once that is installed we will be hooking the cabins up to water. Until then its haul your own.

Can I hunt on the property? By all means. We allow hunting for food only. NO recreational or trophy hunting allowed.

What if I want to go on vacation and cant take my animals? The whole point of this colony is to care for each other. If you work, go on a weekend trip, month long vacation or just need help. Someone will help you care for your animals in your absence. We can arrange to care for your livestock to your fish. You can go away knowing your house and animals will be safe and cared for.

Is there daycare offered? Again this is the point of the colony. While we do not offer a "day care". If you want to go out for the night and need a baby sitter, or you need someone to watch your children for any reason we will make all attempts to make sure someone is available to watch your children. But we can not guarantee that there will be someone available. You will know they are safe and cared for.

Can I build a traditional house on the property? Unfortunately NO. There is a new county ordinance that prohibits it. This is why we are offering the cabins. You can stay in a cabin as long as you keep a current lease.

Will my lease amount go up every year? NO. Right now if you sign a lease with us you will lock your lease price in for 4 yrs. ANYONE coming into the colony after all the amenities are in will be paying a higher price.

Can I smoke medical marijuana on the property? NO! Absolutely not. It is NOT legal in Texas. As long as it is not legal we CAN NOT allow it. If the time comes that it is legalized there will be restrictions on its use. Anyone found breaking the rules on marijuana or other drugs will be automatically evicted with a 3 day notice.

Is there public transportation? There is a bus that comes to Tornillo Texas and goes into El Paso Texas daily. But Tornillo is about 20 miles away. We can see about making arrangements for rides into El Paso if needed. We are working on getting a grant for a colony van so we can transport people to town as needed.

We have kids what schools are in the area? The nearest public school is Fort Hancock Texas about 8 miles away. If you register your children there you can request a bus to take them to and from school. You can also enroll them in Sierra Blanca school which is about 15 miles away. But because we are not in there district you will have to arrange drop off and pick up. You can also choose to homeschool your child at the ranch.

Is there a play ground for kids? Currently no but there is a space set aside for one in the future.

Can I plant flowers and plants around my cabin? Of course you can. You can customize your space. Any permanent plants such as trees or shrubs need to be okayed.

I have signed my lease but I need to wait for my cabin now what? We have to order the cabin when you sign your lease and send the funds. If you need a place to stay while waiting for the cabin to arrive you are welcome to tent camp on the property until the cabin is set up.

Do I have to get a PO box?  YES. While the mail is delivered directly to the ranch every morning other then Sunday and Holidays. The post office is telling us everyone will need a PO Box to get mail delivered.