IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!! For $350 ($450 value) added to the down payment of any size cabin. you can get a starter solar setup put in your cabin! You get a total of 45 watts of solar panels, a voltage regulator, 2 12v lights, a 400watt inverter and a battery. This will give you enough power to run lights, a tv and even a small dorm refrigerator. You can expand the system to suit your needs by adding solar panels or batteries. Depending on your needs. ONLY GOOD IF ORDERED AT SAME TIME AS THE CABIN!

We have ONLY 15 cabins for residency. We currently have several families approved for residency and several confirmed coming. Once those cabins are full we will create a waiting list.  

Cabins are prefab and custom build as we need them. These are not storage sheds. These are being constructed for us through a company here in Texas. They are built the same way all wood frame construction is done. Same as a regular standard sized house. These are not slap together shacks. Quality construction from a reliable company!

The standard cabin is 12'x32' (picture is of a same style as standard cabin but smaller. So the standard has more room.) and is double lofted with porch on the front of the building. They lease for $450 a month.  Larger cabins can be special ordered for a higher fee depending on size. The largest cabins is 16x32 and  plenty of room for storage or whatever you want to space to be. Endless possibilities!!!!

The other cabin shown with the door in the middle is $550 a month. 12x32 and double lofted as well. Biggest difference with this cabin then the standard other then the door and porch on the side, is a catwalk between the lofts connecting them.

Cabins come with a standard front door with windows. 3 single panel windows. Cozy front porch. Extra windows can be added at time we order the cabins for a small fee. There are a couple different styles you can choose from however not all cabins are leased for the same price even if they are the same size. So if your interested in a different style let me know and we can let you know what's available and how much the lease is.

These cabins are spacious and comfortable to live in. Tiny house living at its best. Room for a kitchen, living area, bedroom and bath. Use your imagination and run wild!

Cabins come empty so you can customize it to fit your needs. So no two cabins will be the same. It will truly be whatever you make it out to be. All cabins will need to be outfitted with solar/wind power and composting or camping toilets. All cabins maybe hooked up to city water and have full running water and the installation of a point of use or solar hot water heater will supply you with endless hot water.

Tiny house living is a huge movement. People are realizing that we don't need all that space and stuff that clutters up our lives to be happy. By decluttering your life you can be happier and healthier.