Please take the time to fill this application out completely. This application is the first step to joining the colony. We will do a light background check, sex offenders check and reference check. Applications are held on file and good for 6 months. Any one wanting to join the colony and was approved over 6 months ago will have to fill out another application, unless prior arrangements have been made with the board. We will not do a credit check. We believe your worth is greater then a number. Any application that contains false or misleading information will be automatically denied! Anyone who has been approved and found to have lied, given misleading information or left out  on an application will have that approval revoked and immediately evicted from the colony.  Please completely fill out ALL the sections of the application. Including phone number, current address and every question. Please completely fill out the health section of the application fully. By letting us know what medical conditions you have, that your on medications, you have a terminal illness or other conditions we can assure you will be able to find the medical care you need close by.   Even if we have previously talked about it we need a complete application! Or the application will be returned as unprocessed and without a refund of the fee.

                                                                                ******* APPLICATION FEE REQUIRED********

There is a $30 application fee to cover the cost of the background check. If you are married only one application and one fee applies. If you are unmarried and planning on living with another person you will BOTH need to fill out an application and separate application fees. This ONLY applies to anyone over the age of 18. Minor children will not require a application on fee but must be included on your application. Fee is non refundable. To pay the fee please check out our support items page and click application fee. 


Application for occupancy

Desert Moon Spiritual Community

6711 FM 192 Fort Hancock Texas 79839



Please fill out fully and accurately and send to email above or Facebook Jeannette Katt. If you do not hear from us within 3 days please call us to ensure your application was received.

Give information for every person that will be occupying the property. If you have grown children that will not be moving with you leave them off. If you have a child that is living with another parent and will be staying with you part time include them but put part time next to them so we get a better picture of the situation. If you have or someone in your household has an illness or handicap that may require special needs, medications, terminal illness or anything requiring doctors care please tell us not as part of the application approval process but to make sure we have the accommodations you need ready for you and you can get the health care you need. Leaving this off will impact your acceptance to DMSC. We will not discriminate on age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, handicap,  children or pets. We just want to get a better idea of who you are and what all you have to offer. This colony is not for everyone. If you need to be in the city and have everything at your finger tips then this place may not work for you. Please keep that in mind.

Contact us with any questions before submitting application.

Full name, gender and age of all adults.

Names and ages of all children.

Social security numbers and drives licenses for all adults. We need this to run the background check. If this is not supplied then your application will be rejected.

Current address and landlord information.

Phone number and best times to contact you via phone. We are mountain time. Please tell me in your time zome time and I will make the adjustment.

List all pets moving with you. Fish birds cats dogs. And if you have the proper vet paperwork. All animals on the ranch must have all proper shot and vaccine records registered with the office.

Occupation for each adult and means of income.

References one personal and one business Phone numbers and time of day that would be best to reach them. Is it ok to tell them why we are calling them as a reference. We will not mention paganism or what this is for if you ask us not too.

What pagan path do you follow and for how long.

Do you have any pagan skills. Tarot reiki or other.

Do you have any other skill sets. Construction. Animal care. Nurse daycare worker.

Have you ever been evicted, if so when.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime, if so what and when.

Previous 2 addresses.

Are you willing to help once you get here with others and the colony with projects as they arise. Gardening building fencing animal care and such.

Are you wanting a standard cabin or larger cabin.

Do you understand the property comes with the understanding the utilities are solar/wind power and composting toilets, and are your responsibility.

Do you have an illness or disability that you will or may need help or accommodations for. Do you have a terminal illness? Do you have any condition that requires medical care or medication. We need to ensure that the colony is a place you can live safely and get help if needed.

Tell us why you want to come and be part of the colony.  What would you like to have here