Right now the ranch is FULL of color. We already have had rain and the wild flowers are blooming! The other day we watched a covey of more then a dozen Quail walk the drive way eating the small yellow flowers as the went along. The quail show up daily. Along with countless song and other birds.  Now the mesquite will be in bloom and the hummingbirds fill the air!

 The ranch is 40 acres of gorgeous prime desert land. We have mountain views on all sides of us. The land is FULL of vegetation and life.  Mesquite trees take up most of the landscape. We also have desert sage and salt brush. Right after a rain the wild flowers bloom and the landscape is transformed with blotches of color. Bright yellow flowers on the mesquite trees attract countless hummingbirds. Doves and quail pass threw daily. We have Javalinas  on the property as well. These are small wild pigs about the size of a medium dog. Falcons buzz threw the air just over head. While turkey vultures circle way up in the sky. We have people that come from all over the world to bird watch in the area. Countless fence lizards and horny toads are everywhere. Yes we have snakes too. The majority of the snakes we have here are harmless. Bull snakes and King snakes help keep the area clear of mice, kangaroo mice and other small critters.  At night you can hear the coyotes howling in the distance.

The weather is beautiful. Summers are hot but no real humidity. So you don't have the health related issues from heat. Even days when it is hot around 95 degrees as long as there is a wind we could actually have a wind chill factor. Winters are mild and easy, very little snow. But when we do get it, it is gone shortly after.

We are creating a self sustainable living community. Raise animals like goats, chickens, sheep or cows. Raise your own food in the community garden. 

We are also adding many community buildings and improvements. Several work shops, meditation gardens, yoga garden, library, walking trails, flower gardens, fruit orchard, community kitchen, smokehouse and meat locker, shade trees and pool.

The plan is to have all the community building made from sandbags. We have a rock query next door offering us free unlimited sand to build with. All residents of the colony will be required to help with projects and help the colony grow. We all have limitations but we all can help in some way too. We are NOT a commune. You will not be required to hand over all your worldly processions to us nor your bank accounts. We operate on a lease. If there are projects that need to be done and you wish to help financially then great! We look at this as sweat equity. We all will help each other finish our cabins, gardens and help take care of each other as we need. We are building a caring colony where people are friends and family.

We believe safety is the most important thing in offering a safe family friendly environment. So there is an application process. Simple back ground check and reference check.

The ranch isapproximately 80 miles from El Paso Texas. Its a straight interstate drive. Speed limit in Hudspeth county is 80mph and El Paso county is 75. So it doesn't take long to get to town.

In case of emergency there is ambulance service 8 miles away. We do have a 911 address so easy location. Border Patrol is always willing to help where its my car is stuck to I need an EMT. They are always close and usually at the ranch in less then 5 minutes.